Transportation projects include streets for planned communities and subdivisions, city and county arterial, collector and local roads and drainage / bridge structures.  CPG provides design and construction management services for transportation projects including:

  • Streets/Highways
  • Roadway Bridges
  • Pedestrian Bridges
  • Traffic Impact Analysis
  • Right-of-Way Surveys
  • Truck Traffic Studies
  • State Department of Transportation Projects
  • City and County Arterial, Collector and Local Roads
  • Roadway Plan & Profile, Utilities
  • Roadway Signage

Representative Projects

Highway Design and Traffic Studies

  • Escalante Main Street
  • Parowan Gap Road , Retaining Walls, Parking
  • Cedar City IHC Hospital Streets, Sewer, Water, Storm Sewer
  • Parowan Industrial Park & Streetscape
  • Brian Head Bridge , Streets & Landscaping
  • Hunter Ridge Road , Brian Head, Utah
  • Cedar City North Interchange Traffic/Incident Study
  • Landry Theater Traffic Study
  • Traffic Study/Large Load Truck Traffic, Highway 143, Brian Head

Bridge Structures

  • Park City Ski Resort, 2 level, 250 ft. span, trussed steel pedestrian bridge
  • Brian Head Ski Resort, 2 lane roadway bridge, 70 ft. span