Our Projects

Including Site Plans, Building/Structure Design, Utilities, and Surveying, CPG Builders have years of experience working with:

■  Water, Sewer, Storm Drain Systems

■  Site/Land Development

■  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

■  Planned Communities and Subdivisions

■  Municipal Engineering

■  Transportation/Traffic Engineering

■  Residential/Commercial/Industrial Buildings, Structures and Facilities

■  Parks and Recreational Projects

■  Digital Simulations and Renderings

Our Featured Projects
Kaplin Recreational Vehicle Campground Facility (Mike Kaplin)

Completed construction plans for 30 unit RV campground, including site plan, water supply/storage/distribution system, sewer system, roads/streets, storm drainage/drainage study, and ancillary buildings, as well as source protection plan for the water source.

Leany Fishing Stream and Lake (Leany Development)

Responsible for design of 500 ft x 1300 ft lake, including grading plan, coordination with Architect on stream and lake location, lake liner and soil preparation, water distribution system for stream recirculation, construction staking, and construction inspection.

Square Mountain 4 mile 12” Water Transmission Line, Cedar City Corporation

Design, bidding support and construction management for this primary Cedar City water main connecting the northern and southern areas of Cedar City, including waterline plan and profile, vacuum relief valves, valves, fittings, hydrants, stream crossing, network analysis, right of way mapping, topographic surveying,
construction surveying, inspections, testing, review of contractor payment requests, and preparation of asbuilts. Prepared plan and profile construction drawings and specifications.

IHC Hospital Streets, Sewer, Water, Storm Sewer, Cedar City

Provided design, bidding support and construction management services, served as engineer of record, for streets surrounding the new IHC hospital in Cedar City. Designed new storm sewer, irrigation pipelines, street plan and profile, earthwork, pavement/subgrade, curb/gutter, sidewalks, utility relocation, drainage study for drainage to the roadway, provisions for future utilities to the Hospital and surrounding doctor offices, construction surveying and inspection, and processing of contractor invoices.

Kanarraville Town Water Tank & Distribution Lines, Kanarraville Town

Design, bidding support and construction services for a 250,000 gallon steel culinary water tank and water mains, included detailed tank drawings and design of several thousand feet of water mains from tank to connect into the existing town water system and small water tank, and connection to controls for existing well. Provided site grading plan and construction surveying, inspections, testing, reviewed contractor payment requests.

Parowan Industrial Park, Parowan City

Work included master planning for land use, zoning and lot sizes, for this 600 acre industrial park in Parowan, as well as utility preliminary design, sewer lift station preliminary design, streetscape planning with typical street cross sections, berms, open space and sidewalks, and construction cost estimates.

Parowan Gap Road, Retaining Walls, Parking, UDOT project, Parowan City

Work for this Petroglyph enhancement and protection project, included construction documents to UDOT metric standards, including retaining wall stabilization, rock retaining walls, parking lot, dry landscaping, 7200 ft of trail system to interpretive, historical and petroglyph features including plan, profile and crossections; trails along the roadside, earthwork, grading plan, material borrow site design, drainage improvements, drainage study, amphitheater design, information kiosk including concrete, masonry, steel and roof structure design; traffic control , signage, guardrail, surveying and planning for road realignment for the second phase of the project. LM prepared construction documents in UDOT format including quantities and standard details, three dimensional graphics for trail system and petroglyph stabilization, and presentation graphics simulating the rock retaining system demonstrating placement adjacent to photography of petroglyph sites. Coordinated the work with environmental studies including being sensitive to Paiute Tribe of Utah concerns and coordination with archeological research.

Valentine Peak Recreational Complex (Parowan City)

We provided planning services, prepared construction documents including landscaping, lighting, baseball field layout, site plan, and grading plan; performed construction staking; and provided construction management services. LM also prepared site plan graphics for public and city staff meetings.

Escalante Main Street, UDOT project, Escalante City

Provided design and construction management services for this Utah Department of Transportation Project,working for the City of Escalante, Utah. Prepared drawings and specifications to UDOT standards, includingplan and profile for streets, utilities, drainage study and storm sewer, retaining walls, demolition required, traffic management during construction, signage, pavement striping/crosswalks, pavement design, and provided support during construction.

Brian Head Town Entrance Signs & Landscaping


Prepared design drawings for concrete foundations, timbers and connections, supported project during construction.

Hunter Ridge Road, Brian Head, Utah

Provided construction surveying services for this project, including pavement, curb and gutter and storm drainage.

Park City Golf Course (Park City)

Completed the design of Yurts (fabric type structures), for the Park City Golf Course, including foundations, decks, structure design, to conform with the building code and area wind, snow, and seismic loads.

Black Diamond Condominiums Trails/Landscaping (Black Diamond Development and Brian Head Town)

Completed construction documents including drawings and specifications for this 104 unit, 14 building condominium project in Brian Head. Prepared three dimensional site plan showing improvements that was used to gain project approval including ATV, Pedestrian and Ski Trails. Prepared detail plans including landscaping plan, trail system plans & profiles, slope analysis, overall site plan, grading plan, drainage improvements, drainage channel design, riprap of drainage channels, detention pond design, historical style lighting, street design including crossections of retaining wall system, private driveway and building driveway design; individual building site plans and crossections, rock retaining wall design, water and sewer system, we 4-7 and represented the owner in approval meetings with the City. Also worked for the City in design of storm drainage improvements outside of the boundary of the development to manage stormwater.

Solar Array Power Structure

Developed solar power structure, which was a solar array structure for power to remote locations.

Cable Structure, Sungwon Tramway

Designed 6500 ft. structure including cable line and vehicle, provide construction/project management.

Trails at Navajo Subdivision (Brian Head Resort)

Completed the design of two phases of this subdivision, including configuring the subdivision to match existing ski runs and trails, landscaping plan, landscaping details including rock retaining system and vegetation design, slope analysis, street design to minimize tree removal, water and sewer system, signage, sewer outfall line design, schematic, preliminary and final plat, and support the owner in meetings with the city for project approval. We also completed three dimensional simulations of streets, buildings, driveways and cut/fill slopes on this steep terrain to obtain project approval.

Trails at Navajo Bridge – Ski Run/Trail Bridge (Brian Head)

Prepared construction drawings and specifications to AASHTO standards for this 65 ft. span dual lane vehicular bridge, on a sloping hill in clay soils, to span an existing ski run and trail. Designed underdrain system to prevent foundation saturation, helical piers to support bridge abutments and stabilize the sloping hill, reinforced concrete abutments and retaining walls, design of the orthotropic steel bridge structure, landscaping plan for the bridge, traffic/guardrail design, and wetlands mitigation study

Willow Run Subdivision Park Design (IDR Investment – City Park)

We designed a central community park for this 58 unit subdivision, including trail system, park trail access, sewer lift station inside park servicing subdivision, playground and landscaping plan.

Further Information On Our Projects
Gregerson Subdivision Park/Trail/Open Space (IDR Investment)

We designed a community park, trail system, and open space for this 100 unit subdivision, to comply with county requirements for open space. Incorporated the design into the overall subdivision design.

Echo Heights Subdivision Mountain Bike Park, Parks and Trail System (IDR Investment – City Parks)

We designed 4 community parks for this 180 unit development, interior and perimeter bike/jogging paths, streetscape, entrance landscaping, park landscaping, playgrounds, park tunnel access, and mountain bike park/BLM park adjacent to the development, including coordination with Hurricane City and BLM. Represented the owner in meetings with the city, BLM, and surrounding property owners. Developed alternate layouts and cost estimates.

Shurtz Canyon Master Plan (Dennis Bauer & Ken Middleton)

We completed a master plan this 1880 acre development, including proposed land use, zoning, golf course, open space planning, trail system, low and high density residential areas, commercial areas, lot and street layouts, soils investigation and drainage study.

Meadowlark Planned Community (June Thorley)

We completed a master plan for this 1500 acre development, including proposed land use, zoning, open space planning, streetscapes plan and crossections, trail system, park planning, low and high density residential areas, commercial areas, including lot and street layouts. LM then completed the design for the first 37 lot phase of the development, including design of streets, roundabouts, equestrian trail system, access trail system, conversion of existing drainage structures into a community park, landscaping plan including existing trees, water system design, irrigation system design, and sewer system design.

Melling Planned Community (Joe Melling)

We completed a master plan for low and high density residential planned community, perimeter and access trail system, multiple park system and playgrounds, trail system road underpass, clubhouse, tennis courts, landscape plan, historical style lighting, street design and lot layout, detention pond design, and overall
grading plan.

Braffits Creek 3200 Subdivision (ANB Financial)

Responsibilities include project and construction management for this 250 lot development. Responsible for detailed cost estimate, site inspections, approval of progress invoices, meetings with the contractor, and reports to the finance company, for $20 million in project improvements, including ATV/Equestrian trail system, access trail system, and infrastructure improvements.

Traffic Impact Analysis Lantry Theater

Completed a traffic impact analysis to determine the impact in turning movements and wait time for vehicles leaving or entering the proposed facility. Conducted site surveys and completed report.

Grand Canyon Lodge (Canyoneers)

Completed a structural evaluation for 32 buildings including main lodge and cabins, water system, and evaluation report with photographs, discussion of issues, alternatives, and recommendations.

Grand Canyon Lodge (National Park Service)

Completed plans for renovation of cabins surrounding main lodge on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, including cabin floor plans, site plan with walks and trails interconnecting cabins with the main lodge.

Ryan Gregerson Residence

Home design, custom timber trusses, shear walls, beam design, landscaping, rock retaining walls, swimming pool.

American Sleep Association

Mechanical/structural analysis of medical appliance.

CML Metals Industrial Facility

Design of catwalk and other structures, fiber optic network evaluation report.

Cadillac Mining

Prepared GIS base maps for site development of Goldstrike Mine near St. George, Utah.

Maple Dell Scout Camp

Design of 4 person zipline and storage building.

Thunder Ridge Scout Camp

Campground master plan, schematic design for central dining facilities, planning for roads, additional camp sites, lodge facility, cope ropes course, ziplines for this 1600 acre camp. Performed site investigation of entire site. Developed water rights and design for a man made lake, pumping from existing tank to site.

Corban Christiansen Residence

Developed site plan with recommendations to eliminate flooding problems.

Alpine Gems Industrial Facility

Building design and upgrades for existing buildings, including main office building, warehouse and ancillary buildings. Designed initial system, and improvements to well and water supply system including new diesel generators and water distribution system.

Evergreen Condominiums, Brian Head

Performed site investigation, site inspection, drawings for repairs to storm drainage system, worked with contractor to develop solution to water problems. Design/evaluation of new deck structures.

Brian Head Resort

Planning and evaluation of additional resort attractions, including ziplines. Prepared GIS base map and topographic map of entire resort, evaluated over 60 options for attractions.