About CPG Builders

We are civil engineers and land surveyors for infrastructure.

Over the last three decades we have built a reputation for innovation and excellence, with award winning designs and projects, and we are committed to client satisfaction in every aspect of our working relationship. Our organization offers professional services from the initial concept through planning, design and construction phases of a project. Our civil/infrastructure staff consists of highly qualified civil engineers and land surveyors with experience throughout the United States and internationally.

Our Expertise

CPG Builders have decades of experience in infrastructure and civil engineering. Our expertise includes:

■  Site/Land Development

■  Roads/Utilities

■  Drainage Studies

■  Municipal Engineering

■  Streets, Highways, Bridges

■  Planned Communities

■  Construction / Project Management

■  Computer Renderings, Walkthroughs

■  Subdivisions

■  Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Residential Buildings

■  Condominiums, Apartment Buildings

■  Panelized / Manufactured Housing

■  Water, Wastewater, Storm Drain and Flood Control Structures

■  Cell Towers, Tower Structures

■  Retaining Walls

■  Parks and Recreation

We strive to be a cooperative partner with our clients to help achieve their mission.

We consider our role as consultants to be an extension of our clients’ staff. To that end, we strive to listen, think, and respond quickly and professionally, and to form solid, mutually respectful working relationships between staff members.

Our Projects

Our Services

Our Practice Areas

■  Water, Sewer, Storm Drain Systems

■  Site/Land Development

■  Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Mapping

■  Planned Communities and Subdivisions

■  Municipal Engineering

■  Transportation/Traffic Engineering

■  Residential/Commercial/Industrial Buildings, Structures and Facilities

■  Parks and Recreational Projects

■  Digital Simulations and Renderings

Our clients include City, County, State, Federal Government, Contractors, Land Developers, Builders, Architects, Homeowners, Real Estate Agents, Manufacturers, and Other Engineering and Surveying Firms