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Explore the National Forests and Small Towns of Southern Utah

Southern Utah is filled with many National Parks and Monuments, National Forests, small towns, and scenic drives. Discover small town charm and beautiful forest trails all throughout the area.

Cedar Breaks National Monument

Cedar Breaks National Monument is a naturally formed amphitheater of cliffs and red rocks carved into the mountainside. Multiple overlooks offer beautiful views of the cliffs and information on their formation. The National Monument also includes trails traversing through fields and forest eastward and along the ridge. Early summer brings a massive wash of color from the wildflowers that bloom throughout the Monument.

The Monument also has picnic grounds, a visitor center, ranger station, and gift shop.

Cedar Breaks National Monument is a 35 minute drive from Summit, and a 5 minute drive from Brian Head Village.

Cedar City, Utah

Cedar City is home to many events throughout the year. Early June brings the Utah Summer Games, including an opening ceremony fireworks show on the SUU Campus. May to September sees the nationally known Utah Shakespearean Festival, where multiple Shakespeare classics and modern plays are performed. A free Green Show plays before night shows on weekdays.

Historic downtown Cedar City includes shopping, dining, the Historic Rock Church, Festival Hall & Heritage Theater, and Main Street Park. Main Street Park is home to several summer festivals including Independence Day celebrations and the Renaissance Faire. Also downtown is the Festival City Farmer’s Market, held every Saturday morning.

Other attractions include the Canyon Park and canyon hiking trails, Southern Utah Modern Art Museum, and Frontier Homestead State Park. Walking trails, restaurants, public parks, wineries, bakeries, aquatic center, fishing pond, bars, and several historic sites across the city are also available.

Parowan, Utah

Parowan Utah is the county seat of Iron County and filled with small town charm. Downtown Parowan has many small shops, including home décor, gift shops, and antiques. Several cafés and restaurants are also featured, including bakeries. A visitor center lies in the middle of downtown for more information.

Also located Downtown, Parowan Historic Rock Church is a history center and museum that provides a look into the past of Parowan and Iron County and its people.

Labor Day weekend in Parowan sees the Days Of 47 Iron County Fair, offering a fair, rodeo, and carnival for all ages, with contests, food, exhibits and live music.

Parowan is a 12 minute drive from Summit.

Cedar Mountains

The Cedar Mountains are filled with hiking trails, rock climbing cliffs, bike trails, deciduous and evergreen forests, parks, fishing and more along Route 14 starting in Cedar City and extending through the mountains to Highway 89 of Utah.

Woods Ranch

Just off the road 20 minutes up the canyon from Cedar City is the Woods Ranch recreation area, with a pavilion for picnicking, a small playground, large field, and a kids-12-and-under fishing pond all surrounded by the forest.

 Zion National Park Overlook

Near the summit of Cedar Canyon is the Zion National Park Overlook, right off the south side of the highway. Wide open views of the mountains and plateau can be seen, stretching all the way south to Zion National Park.

 Navajo Lake

A natural lake formed in a small valley, Navajo Lake has fishing, campgrounds, picnicking areas, and plenty of shoreline to walk along in the pleasant mountain summer air.

 Duck Creek Village

Just a few minutes further is Duck Creek Village. ATV rentals are available, with several off-roading areas, as well as food and gas. Duck Creek Pond offers fishing at a calm, marshy pond right off the road and into the trees.

Brian Head Village

Thirty minutes away up Parowan Canyon is Brian Head Village, home to the Brian Head Ski Resort. While it is well known for its winter activities, Brian Head also offers adventurous warm weather activities as well. Venture out on miles of single track mountain biking trails and backcountry hiking, or enjoy the fine dining, bars, and spas available.

Brian Head Village is only five minutes away from Cedar Breaks National Monument.

Scenic Byways

Southern Utah’s scenic byways travel through the natural wonders of the state, offering beautiful views of forests, mountains, rivers and lakes.

Cedar Canyon

Beginning in Cedar City, Cedar Canyon Highway follows Coal Creek up into the mountains, twisting through rock cliffs, quaky aspen forests and evergreens, providing cooler temperatures in summer and golden aspen leaves in the fall.

Utah’s Patchwork Parkway National Scenic Byway

The Patchwork Parkway travels from Parowan Utah to Panguitch Utah, winding through forests, fields and natural rock structures, including volcanic fields, cinder cones and red rock hills. The parkway includes Panguitch Lake, a popular fishing and boating destination.

Panguitch itself is a small town with several antique and gift shops, with a hot air balloon festival in mid-summer.

Patchwork Parkway is a total 2.5 hour round trip from Summit.

Parowan Gap Petroglyphs

A historical Utah site, Parowan Gap displays Native American petroglyphs carved into the surrounding rocky hills.

Parowan Gap is a 20 minute drive from Summit.